Friday, October 10, 2014

Grief and Loss

Today I read this great article about the honest grief that comes when a woman miscarries.  It was well spoken and so very true. Click HERE for the article.

As I read over this article, my mind was sympathetic and ached for those I know who have lost children in this manner.  But deeper within me there was a different grief that was not mentioned in the article. It was my own grief of never having the opportunity to lose a child this way. There is no physical evidence of loss. No baby to name, no baby to remember. Just a lot of broken hopes and dreams. I wept, remembering my own loss, my own grief.

There is loss in this world of all different types. One type of grief is not more valid than another. We all have need of compassion. We all have need of the loving, tender, healing touch of the Savior.

May I be one of those that lift the hands that hang down and strengthen feeble knees as the Savior has done for me. (Hebrews 12:12, D&C 81:5)